Attorney Fees

Like most DUI attorneys, I charge a flat, or fixed, fee for representation. Many web sites are vague about what you should expect and few attorneys will quote their charges until you meet with the attorney in their office. You should expect a fee of $3,000 - $10,000, paid in advance. Large fees are no guarantee of good results; however, low fees may reflect lack of experience and should be questioned. REMEMBER, all attorneys will give a free consultation or case evaluation. I will be happy to give you advice, even if you don’t expect to be able to afford my services.

Don’t allow “sticker shock” to discourage you from seeking immediate free advice.


I will charge you $4,000 if this is your first DUI charge and that will also cover any, traffic ticket or Department of Licensing administrative hearing from the same incident. If you have one earlier DUI charge, your base fee will be $5,000 and if you have two or more earlier DUI charges your base fee will be $6,000. In all cases, this base fee covers all hearings, court appearances and the DOL administrative hearing.


In all cases, I request a $2,400 down payment before I begin actual representation or make court appearances. This is not in addition to my base fee, but it is the first $2,400 of the base fee quoted above.


Most cases are resolved without a trial; however, if the case goes all the way to jury trial, there may be an additional charge of $1,500.


You will be charged for the out-of-pocket expenses incurred for preparation, presentation or extraordinary travel (more than 50 miles). Typically, the only expenses are $10 - $30 to obtain your official traffic and criminal records. If your license was punched, you will also have an immediate $375 expense to the Department of Licensing to pay, in advance, for an administrative hearing to reverse the pending suspension or revocation of your license.


You should expect and receive a signed written agreement when you hire an attorney and before you pay any fees. If you would like to review our agreement, please call and we will forward a copy to you immediately.


For convenience of our clients, we accept partial and full payments by credit card or debit card. However, for simplicity, we prefer payment by cash or check.

Our Services

Get Attorney Advice - Remember, all attorneys offer free consultations. I will be happy to give you a free consultation even if you don't expect to be able to afford my services.

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